Hi my name is Lola and I would like to welcome you to my Garden Of Friendship page
It's a wonderful Internet group I found and join and I'm really happy to be a part of them
I also join the celebrations committee within the group. Garden Of Friendship gives me a chance
to meet and chat with people all over the world along with doing fun stuff with them there are
many committees to join so if you would like to join in the fun click on the banner below

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A Few of the welcome gifts that was given to me when I join
Thanks GOF Friends

On Saturday April 27 I got a visit from a blossom from Garden of Friendship
Whispering Wildflowers well this blossom has made my day showering me with lovely gifts
And a poem even though the blossom came on a sad day he or she had no clue she or he brighten
my day and brought a smile to my face it's so strange how things happen but I thank you
Whispering Wildflowers and here are the lovely gifts I was given

On April 29 Whispering Wildflowers Shower me
with more gifts and a lovely poem

Treasures of Friendship
The treasures of friendship
Are found in the heart
The treasures of friendship
Are found in the stars.
There is Love and Loyalty,
They go hand in hand,
Trust and Honesty,
They come from the heart,
Fun and Laughter,
Stories and games.
Going to bed at eight in the night,
Just to stay up talking about boys all night,
Trying on makeup, dancing in socks
Sleep overs, movies,
Best friends spending the night.
On the wall shows photos,
Of two friends side by side,
Covered in goofy makeup,
Laughing like crazy,
Friendships lasting throughout the time.
2008 Amanda Jenkin

May 1ST I was given these gifts from Whispering Wildflower
Thank you again you are so kind to have sent me such lovely
gifts so glad you came my way

Thank you I love them all

2013 Lola Watkins, all rights reserved