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Hi My name is Lola
and I'm the artist behind these reborn babies
They are not real babies but made to look real
People who have seen my dolls have thought that they were real.
They had to be told more than once that they are dolls!
They captures the joy of a newborn child.
They will stay little forever and become a cherished heirloom!
The first time I saw one of these babies was on
ebay and I thought someone was selling off there baby
I was shock to find out it was a doll and I knew I had to learn
this art of reborning I am self taught and still learning

these babies was created using
Genesis Heat Set Paints
The long process of bringing them
to life started with many layers
of heatset paints to create the
realistic skin tones and details.

These paints have been baked on
and now they are permanent.

Each baby has silky soft Premium Mohair..
that has been hand rooted by me

They are made from Extra
Soft Bountiful
BabySkin Vinyl

They have a doe suede body that is jointed to
give there arms and legs free movement.
They are weighted using tiny glass beads
and filled with poly fil.

Information on how to get one of
my babies please contact me at

To order one of my babies and have
it made just for you Just click on a dolls kit
to see what the doll will look like

All payments are made through paypal

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