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Open Eye Reborn Baby Binki

photos are up to show
what the monkeys will look like
Item #4568917

These babies are 16 inches long and
wear newborn baby clothes

Made from Silicone-Vinyl. 16 inches long, it has a vinyl head, full length vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms

cost of baby

reborn baby and shipping and handling total cost $150.00

I use USPS Priority that way the doll arrives in 3 days

your Monkey will arrive home to you

with a fresh diaper,

Magnetic pacifier

one new outfit on

along with a white T shirt

a baby bib

 earrings if you want a girl

and earring can be taking out if you would like to add some news ones
if you have any questions about my babies please send me a email

Select your payment
Select your baby skin color
girl or boy in the drop down menu
and then select add to cart button to pay
I will contact you in 24 hours or less
Thank You For Your Order
Item #4568917

Full Payment
reborn baby Monkey and shipping and handling
total cost $150.00

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