Hi my name is Lola and this is my home on the web feel free to look around
I'm so glad you came for a visit. I'm 29 and holding I enjoy making web pages along with
Making dolls and cakes my hobby is playing in paint shop pro and playing in poser I have 6 children
8 grand children and I've been married for 30 years boy did time fly I enjoy spending time with my family
Every chance I get so enjoy yourself while you are here and don't forget to drop me a line in my guestbook
so I will know you was here

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Mom and Joseph Wedding Site

My Sister Clara and Reggie's Wedding Pages

Antwann, Tricia, David and Sharon's double Wedding

Mom's 60th Birthday pages I made for her

Pages I made for my

sister in-law Sharon & Roger's Anniversary Pages

Meet my Family

Earna and Titos Wedding Photos

Fallon and Christopher Wedding Photos

Ba's Stone Soul Picnic

Family Reunion


Lola's Reborn Dolls

Audrey and Jay Son

Sharon's Baby Girl

My Granddaughter Alana's Site

Hurricane Isabel

My Christmas Site

In Loving Memory Of Darvell

In Loving Memory Of Phyllis Gayle Watkins

In Loving Memory Of Brandon known as B-EEZY

In Loving Memory Of Aunt Peggy

Tribute To Hauson Tiaree Woodard-McFarland

In Loving Memory Of Uncle Frank

In Loving Memory Of Michelle Faye Wilson-Bowser

Tribute To Pop

Visit my tube store for poser dolls and be sure to
pick up some free poser tubes while your there
I also have many Scence Images and Poser Tubes
to go along with the Scences they can be
use to make web pages or anything you can think of

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but a link back to my site is required!
Please do not link directly! save them to your hard drive,
and then upload them to your own server.

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Birthday Cards Birthday Baskets Birthday Popsicles
Birthday Balloons Birthday Shoes Birthday Cup Cakes
Birthday Plaques Birthday Balloon Globes Birthday Candy Bars
Birthday Globes Birthday Puzzles New Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding and Baby shower cakes
Birthday Bears Birthday Anniversary and Valentines cookies Anniversary Cakes
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