Isabel pounded Central Virginia
and the Tri-Cities
September 18, 2003


This Photo was taken
of the first tree that fell
a cross the street from my house

This nice Guy remove the
tree from the street


As you will see no trees fell on
top of my house or the 3 cars we have
Thank God my husband walk around
our house and said a pray
before Isabel show up because
we are truly surrounded by trees
all around my house
You will see that the trees fell
on the right side of us the left side of us and
behind us but did not touch our house

We were with out power
for 6 long boring days
along with a flooded basement
Phone lines not working
and loss of food
but through it all, all 9 members
of my house hold made it
out okay and I'm just thankful for that.

All of these photos are taken
of my street this is what we
all saw when we woke up around 7 AM

The first 2 photo's below are of a house
up the street from me

This photo below is my back yard

my back yard

the right side of my house

the left side of my house

again the left side of my house

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All Photos are taken by Lola better known as Private456
hosted at Lola's World